The “right” choice

Every day we make choices.
And I can’t even begin to fathom how many we must make. Hundreds? Thousands?

Cereal or toast for breakfast?
Cycle or train to work?
Send that email or call the person instead?
A banana or chocolate bar for afternoon tea?
An early night or Skype with the family?
Comment on that Facebook post or let it go?

So many choices.
And for each option there isn’t a “right” choice.

Depending on your circumstances in that moment there are choices that may feel better to make. Based on what you know about yourself, what energy you need right now, how confident you feel, how much risk you are willing to take and what kind of impact you want to make in that moment you will create and shape your day, your week, your month, your future.

Cumulatively each of these tiny choices create your future.

An extra 15 minutes lie in or 15 minutes working on a blog post for my website.
Stopping at a cafe for a coffee each morning or heading straight into work.
Saying yes to attending an event that intrigues me, or saying no.
Holding on for a few more months until something better comes along or leaving my job now.

There isn’t a single “right” answer I’m afraid.
Nor a single path that is paved with gold.

But each choice will take you somewhere different with new experiences and new people and new opportunities.

When faced with these choices how about:
– doing the one that scares you a little
– saying “yes” to the one you would usually say “no” to
– choosing the one that makes you feel expansive rather than constricted
– doing the one that fills you with energy
– listening to your inner voice and following that

Remember that not choosing is still a choice.

So take an active role in your life and choose and create your future.
Play and learn.
Watch and listen.
Dare and try.

But make choices.

Make conscious choices.

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