Pieces of Joy

Just over 4 years ago I started a blog which I called Pieces of Joy. It was a place where I wrote for myself. A place that allowed me to “explore how I can learn to live in the moment and to really love my whole life each_and_every day” (Yep – that was my blog statement!). It was a way for me to look for the beauty and joy in each day, to take notice of the small things around me and realise what made me happy.

My close family and a few friends knew about the blog but I never took it further, and over the past year I have kind of let it go. But the other day a friend enquired about it and so I went on a walk down memory lane. I wrote some good things on that blog but there was some definite angst and naval gazing. But I guess I wrote on my about page that the blog was to help me “search and naval gaze investigate and look for a job or a career or something that pays me money that I love as much as the rest of my life”, so naval gazing was to be expected!

And you know what? I think I have found that purpose and maybe that is why my Pieces of Joy blog is no longer a focus for me. I am so fortunate to wake up each day and be excited about something that will be taking place that day. I’m not quite at the every_hour_of_every_day excitement, but I’m definitely on a daily joyous journey.

 Yet still there is something about Pieces of Joy that I don’t feel I am finished with.

You see, I saw the impact that writing about things I am grateful for had on me. I know that the more we look for the good things, the more good things we see. I know these joyous moments happen and aren’t life changing at the time, but the accumulation can be life changing. And I know that pieces of joy is a bit of a guiding principle for me.

So I have come up with the idea of taking a photo every day of something that brings me joy.  A way to connect to the small things that make me smile, to appreciate my surroundings and find joy each day.

So over on Instagram I’m on a daily photo mission  (that’ll help me with my new experience of taking more photographs!). I’m guessing there will be lots of photos of food and nature as they are two of the things I hold dear to me. So come over and join me if you don’t mind looking at photos of trees, sky and yummy food! And why don’t you join in yourself.

Take notice of the small, good and joyous parts of your day.

Photograph those #piecesofjoy in your life.

Let’s see where this journey takes us.

3 thoughts on “Pieces of Joy”

  1. We need the dualtiy of life – joyous/sad; beautiful/ugly; pain/pleasure….. etc. How would we know we were excited if we had not experienced indifference? So seeking excitement every hour every day may be a fruitless pursuit? What do you think?

    1. Ah duality again – that thing I am learning to love! I do agree that unlimited and endless joy is not the end goal. But so many people don’t pursue or acknowledge joy at all, and that is very sad indeed.

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