Music is blasting in my ears while I tap my foot and do a little chair dance. I’m watching the comings and goings of planes at Hong Kong airport. Catching up on two weeks of social media. People watching and generally just being present in the moment.

And here in my travel skirt, comfortable shoes, backpack and travel scarf (everyone has a travel scarf don’t they?!) I am feeling very connected.
Connected to who I am. Connected to what I want. Connected to what is important to me.

Having spent the last two weeks in mainland China where the focus for many seems to be on luxury goods, and earning more money and spending more money, I have again realised that my wants and needs and idea of a successful and happy life is very different to those of others.

Now one isn’t good and the other bad. It is about finding the meaning and purpose you want in the world. It is defining success on your own terms.

And today, at 22:02 on the 21st of May (local time) I am just so very clear about what I want and need. More travel. More experiences. And perhaps most importantly, helping others to connect to themselves and make their dreams a reality.

So do you want to start living a life that you love? Do you want to get clarity on what connects you to yourself?
Then let’s chat. From one connected soul to another.
Let’s see what amazing world awaits us.

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