Changing as I grow

You may have noticed a few changes going on around these parts. Some new colour, a change in font, the addition of photos. Yes, I have been a-tinkering on my website.

When I started this website just over two years ago I set it up because I thought that is what you did when you went out on your own. All the books and blog posts told me that if I was to be self employed I needed a website to sell my soul wares. That was when I still followed the rules, and when my business and website was focused on helping small businesses with the way they ran their operations. Yes, it was back when I was still confusing my strengths with my passions…..

Over the past couple of years I have realised that although I am a darn good operations manager and I do love a good spreadsheet and some clear processes and procedures, my real passion is people. More precisely people who are doing things that are part of their higher calling. People who are doing things they love, and doing it in a way that helps others.

You see, these people rock my world.

I love being around them. And I really want everyone to be those people – living fulfilling and happy lives in a way that is meaningful to them and helpful to others.

I am glad I set up this little part of the interwebs and I’m glad I took that first step over two years ago into running my own business. Without taking that step and trying it out I would never have found out what I know now. I don’t think I would have connected to this inner passion so readily and easily without taking that first little step.

And so through these changes over the past few years I have been playing around with this website. When I changed, it changed. And I am going through another change. Another metamorphosis. Another rebirth.

So excuse me while I tinker and play and find my way.

I hope you will continue to join me on my journey as I find the best way to be me. The best way to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. And the best way to bring people together to tell their stories so others can begin their journeys of change. As my wise mother said to me last night – the best teachers are those that are continuing to learn themselves. And yep, I’m still very much on that learning path.

Love and gratitude to all

Robyn xxx

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