It feels like home…

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Over the past few months I have been collecting pictures on Pinterest that fill me up and relax me all at once. They are images that encapsulate what I think life is all about. When I sit there and be with the images it feels like I am coming home.
They are all about



So what does simplicity mean to me?

Enjoying the moment here and now, wherever I may be and whatever I may be doing

Taking the time and space for silence and to listen to my inner heart

Savouring food and people and conversations

Finding beauty in the world around me

Wanting for nothing, because I have everything I need (and more)

Following my strengths

Connecting to people and to nature

Treating others with respect

Doing what I love, and acknowledging that I am doing that

Practicing gratitude

Being in the natural world (amongst trees, near the sea, by a lake) and feeling it seep deep into my body

Making the most of opportunities

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