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I remember the last day of my first graduate job. I had been in the organisation just over three years and had managed to rise up the ranks a lot during that time thanks to a fantastic manager  who saw things in me I hadn’t yet seen, and my own inclination to say “yes” to whatever opportunity got put in front of me. However, this fabulous manager had moved on, and a new manager came in that I kind of clashed with. So after three years I had decided to move on.
So on this day I was going around saying goodbye to people in various parts of the company. As I was waiting for someone to finish on the phone, another colleague came up with a wry smile on their face and commented that I was humming. And it was the song that I was humming that made them take notice.

It was My Way by Frank Sinatra.

I had no idea, but obviously my subconscious was telling me something! It was time to move on, and start doing more things in my life “My Way”. And it’s something I still take real pride in: being me, and doing it my way.

One of my real passions is for more people to live their lives “Their Way” too. Because

there isn’t a “right” way to live this life.

There is no guidebook which tells you the way it must be lived. There is no perfect or simple solution. There is definitely no one-size-fits-all approach.

We are all individuals.
Our lives are unique.
Our strengths are varied.
Our idea of happiness and success is something special to us.

There isn’t a “how to” guide for life that you can pick up, digest and implement. It isn’t about picking up the list of hints and tips here and the way you “must” do something over there.

It’s about finding your own course, your own destiny, your own way.

We all have everything we need within us.

Sure, look for inspiration and ideas from other people. Listen to and read their stories and be excited about what they have achieved and how they have done what they have done. But don’t believe there is only one way to do something. Picking up the book and following it to the letter of the law isn’t what life is about. In fact, that is often a way for you to follow in someone else’s vision rather than your own.

So write your story. State your vision. And start living your life the way only you can.

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