People inspire me

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I love people. I truly do. They interest and fascinate me.
I am someone who never gets bored when out and about as I can just sit and watch people. An airport lounge, a crowded city square, a bustling cafe. All places I love spending time!

And in this day and age I love that the Internet now allows us to hear people’s stories, to get an insight into their life, to be a part of their talent. No longer do I have to postulate and guess about their story! I now get to really be a part of whatever excites and makes them tick.

Like this amazing proposal

Or this talented juggler

Or this man’s weightloss journey

Or these incredibly talented dancers

Or Felix’s supersonic freefall

Each person is doing something because they love it. They are motivated and inspired to live their lives and do what they do. And of course they are all so different.

People are unique and I think we should all cherish that.

What makes you unique?

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