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Over the years I have had many people use the phrase “lucky for some” when I mention something that I have done or planned to do.
It comes from a place that says, it’s alright for you, you:

  • Have a partner who earns a good salary
  • Have a good education
  • Come from a loving and supportive family

Those things are indeed all true. But that doesn’t make my “luckiness” something that they can’t have too. I am indeed blessed to be in the situation I am, and I acknowledge this on a regular basis. But all of the things I have done have come about by active choice and then real and sustained action.

I haven’t sat and wished.
I have dreamed, planned and then done!

When you say “nice for some” you take away the power for you to make choices yourself. You make it into a life that you can’t lead – that the other person has something that you don’t have. But that isn’t true. If you want to live a different life, then decide what you want, make a commitment to it and then take action to get it.

Everything is a choice.

At every moment of every day you have a choice about what you do, feel, experience and decide to act on.

My partner and I each day choose to create the life we want. We weren’t lucky to have spent 6 months skiing in the French Alps this past winter, we made a choice to save for it and make it a reality. We are now saving for our next adventure and we know that too will be a reality.

What I find is that society’s story seems to be that it is easier to maintain the status quo than follow that burning desire in your heart.
I don’t have time to do that. I need to keep earning money to pay the mortgage. I have children to look after.

Those are all true, but there are still small choices that everyone can make to turn their dreams into a reality. There are actions that each person needs to take to ensure they take responsibility for their own lives.

So do you want to be one of the “lucky” ones?

Then state your desire. State what you want out loud. And then take a step today towards it. Plan a way forward.

Create your luck by



and action.

2 thoughts on “Lucky for some”

  1. Fab and so true! I work fulltime to pay the mortgage and work every evening, weekend and day off on my new business. I want to live the dream and working hard to make it happen. I also think having a ‘passion’ for your ideas is the heart of the matter. I say we are lucky to realise our potential 🙂

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