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Yesterday was a hibernate under the duvet day. Today is a jump for joy and celebrate life kind of day. I find it amazing the difference weather makes to my life. It seems blue skies help me feel good, and thus I take the time to connect to what is important. And today I wanted to share with you my thoughts and reflections from week one of the 100 day change programme.

The prompt thus far has been – How do you make change happen when you’re just starting out?

And the takeaway message for me is


Sure, planning is good, but it doesn’t actually get you to your goal.

We can spend so much time thinking, weighing up options, researching, listening to other peoples ideas and thoughts and advice. We can be waiting for the “right” time, the “right” place, the “right” path to show itself.

But there is no right path. You as a person, will make the path “right” by walking it. You need to go out there and make it happen.

Change happens by doing.

And by doing it your way.

My big lesson over the past few years has been to take a step forward. It doesn’t matter which path or option you choose; just take a step forward. We can spend forever questioning if it is going to be the right path. It doesn’t matter, really. You will learn from that action, and you will figure out what works best for you. After 10 steps down that path you may realize it isn’t the right choice for you at the moment, but you can then change paths, and still be further ahead than if you had stayed in that one place thinking and planning.

Now don’t get me wrong. Planning is a vital skill. It is an important part of running projects and business. But it shouldn’t be the crutch that holds you back.

Each step towards something new will teach you something. It will give you a lesson, or clarity, or an idea or an epiphany.

Taking action and taking those steps forward (no matter how small) will lead you to great things.

I know that if I had sat there thinking about my dream work I wouldn’t have imagined anything as great as I have been able to create. Each day I create more and more of what fuels my soul, and I learn from that and alter my course and look for more. That first step didn’t seem big at the time, but the accumulation of steps has been HUGE.

So thanks to the daily prompts from the $100 change programme over the past ten days, I have come to realise that I have already made change in my life. And I continue to look for ways to continue to change, and help other bring about change in their lives too.

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