Our dreaming problem

“Our culture has a dreaming problem” ~ Seth Godin

It seems that in our culture following your dreams is a nice to have, a luxury. It is something that we barely whisper of to ourselves let alone talk aloud and discuss with friends and family. As Seth Godin writes in his education manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams“I think we’re doing a great job of destroying dreams at the very same time the dreams we do hold onto aren’t nearly bold enough.”

I often ask people what their dreams are, and so often they are taken aback. Dream? Say it out loud? Declare it to the world? But what will you think? Will it mean I have to actually do something about it? Will it mean I will have to stop complaining about my current situation and take action?

If you ask a child that same question they will dream big and dream vividly. You will almost be able to smell and taste and feel what they desire. So what happens as we get older? Is it that we have been told so often as we move from childhood to adulthood that we have to “get real”. We have to join the “real world”. Get ” real jobs” and make “real money.” As though dreams can’t become a reality….

I believe we all have dreams inside us that are just waiting to be acknowledged, nurtured, grown and brought to life.

Everyone has the skills and resources within them to find their dreams and to make them a reality. Sure, it may take time and it won’t always be easy. But if it is something that really burns inside you, you will love the journey.

So what is your dream?

That thing that brings a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart when you think about it? That one that you dismiss as “impossible” or “unrealistic”? What would it be like to state that out loud? To own it? And to share it with others so you can get support from people who are willing to nurture your dream too.

My dream is that I can be a helping hand to thousands of people to bring their dreams to life.

I would love for everyone to truly believe that what they deeply desire can be a reality one day. And then even more importantly, take the steps to make that a reality sooner rather than later. I want to to have cups of tea with these dreamers, be a listening ear, a challenging voice, a support, an inspiration and a facilitator of their dreams.

If you want to take steps to live that dream life, and to make it as big as you can, then get in touch. I would love to be a part of it.

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