Finding your Olympic sport

Over the past ten days I have found myself glued to the television. I can go to make a cup of tea, and see something on TV and then 10 minutes later I have to remind myself why I am in the kitchen in the first place, and that I have work to do, and I can’t stand there all day and cheer on athletes although I would very much like to! And it doesn’t seem to matter what the sport is. I have loved the archery, the athletics, sailing, badminton, tennis, triathlon, diving, swimming, and the list goes on.

I have been totally swept away with the Olympic fever, as it seems millions of others around the UK and the world have been too. The atmosphere is electrifying and I love the fact that the crowds are getting behind ALL the athletes, whether they are in the running for medals or not.

I am in total awe of everyone who is competing. Their determination, dedication, belief and sacrifice and just utter hard work day in and day out that allows them to compete at this level.

I have started to ask myself – What in your life are you so committed to that you would train as hard as these amazing men and women? What fire do you have in your belly that you would put your mind, body and soul on the line for?

They are questions I don’t have answers to, but they are ones I am keen to keep asking myself!

What also has inspired me so much about these Olympic Games is the sense of team and support that each of the athletes have. The families, partners, friends, coaches, trainers, team-mates, psychologists, massage therapists and physiotherapists who make up their support team. The people who are helping them achieve their personal bests and allow the athletes to be on top of their game.
At times I have added myself to that support team too – yelling at my TV and willing them on to give that bit more, push themselves that bit harder and give it all they’ve got.

Who is yelling your name and cheering you on in your life?

Who is your support crew for the passion in your life?

We all need that support crew around us, whether competing at the top of our game or starting off on a new path. It is so important to have people to help you focus, who believe in what you are doing, and to help you on the days where everything just seems too much.

I hope we continue to hear the inspirational stories of athletes who are trying their best and giving their all long after the 16 days of the Olympics are over. I get goosebumps on my skin and a fire in my belly just watching them and we need more stories of strong and powerful humans giving their all.

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