Dance in the sunshine

I was reflecting the other day that so often people seem to let one small hiccup or set back in their day take away from all the good in their life. They celebrate when everything is going “right” but when something happens that they feel takes them off course, they then focus on that event and ask the world what they did to deserve this bad thing.

People seem to focus on the rain, rather than dance in the sunshine.

In life we get all kinds of weather. We may have an amazing week or even month of sunshine and then we could easily get a day or two of rain. We need to remember that in order to grow we need both. Also, just because it is raining today doesn’t mean you won’t see the sunshine again.

When the sun is shining it is important to be thankful and grateful and really and truly enjoy it. Dance and enjoy that moment and don’t worry what may come tomorrow. And when the rain comes, then just put up the umbrella and keep on walking.

There will always be things in life which will challenge us and throw us for six. You need to prepare for those bad days and have the resources to deal with them, but you don’t have to be defined by them. You don’t even have to enjoy it! But the rain shouldn’t stop you in your tracks or even allow you to think that the rain will stay forever.

So what is the weather like for you today?
Are you dancing in the sunshine or smiling under you umbrella?

With all the sunshine in London this past week I hope everyone has found a way to dance in the sunshine, both literally and metaphorically!

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