The story of success

We can all recall a success story I’m sure. We hear them in the media, from friends, family and workmates. Hopefully each of us have a few of our own too!

But often the story of success we hear and see is the last 5 minutes of a lifetime of story. We get the last few steps of the climb up Mt Everest. We get to see the celebrations and the satisfaction. But we often miss the bloody and blistered feet. The hours and hours of climbing with sore and achy muscles. The altitude sickness that had them almost ready to turn back so many times. The weather that had them holed up in a small and freezing tent and asking themselves why they even thought this might be a good idea. And totally missing is all the preparation before they even reached base camp.

We need to remember that the story of success we hear is often not the full story.

Realise that for every success there were many backwards steps, many questioning times, many times that the person almost gave up. I think we need to share the FULL story of success more. The good, the bad and the ugly!

I want to help change the story of success. I want to help people share the story (the WHOLE story) with others who can celebrate with them when they reach the summit, and pick them up when their feet are bloodied and blistered. I want to have communities where people share their stories as they develop.

Are you interested in finding ways of sharing your own stories with others?
Are you interested in finding others who are willing to share their stories with you?

Are you interested in joining me?

I am looking to form communities of people interested in sharing their success stories. The FULL success story rather than just the last 5 minutes of high fives and celebrations. And however they define success for themselves in their lives.

I am keen to bring together groups of people (a community if you will) who get together on a monthly basis to share their stories of reaching their dreams. Real-time stories of achieving success. This will be done face-to-face in London and I’m also keen to try this online as well. In these groups you’ll share the successes and the hurdles along the way, and be held accountable to that dream and desire that burns within you.

I am also keen to share stories here on this blog. Do you have a story about how you went about achieving what you wanted? Do you want to share the lessons along the way? The things you would do differently next time?

Please get in touch if you would like to be part of this community or have ideas you would like to share. Or follow this link if you want to receive regular updates and ideas about how to create a community of success yourself.

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