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A story: an account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious.

Stories are a huge part of our lives – both personal and business. The way we sell our business is a story. The benefits we offer and the problems we will solve. Our dreams are a story. The more compelling the story the easier the dream is to achieve. Our past experiences are stories too. The triumphs and failures, hurts and loves, experiences and people.

What stories do you tell yourself about you?
What stories do others tell about you?
What stories do you tell about others?
Are they real or fictitious?
Are they helpful or harmful?
Do they help you move forward or actually hold you back?

We are a living story. At any point we can change the narrative. At any point we can change the focus.

Stories are hugely powerful.
Stories are a vital part of being human.

They capture the essence of a situation or person. They bring things alive. They make you believe.

But stories are just one version of a situation. One view of a particular point in time. The emotion and the context can be hugely different for different people and the stories told about a particular experience could be vastly different from one another.

So have stories. Tell them, share them, love them, but don’t define yourself by them. They are just one viewpoint and you can change the narrative of the story if you wish.

So choose your story. Choose it each and every day.

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