The look (and feel) of success

What does success look like to you?
Do you know it when you see it?
How do you get more of it?

I love to be around successful people and I love the feeling of inspiration and energy that comes from that. So what are some ideas for you to grow your own success, and ultimately the success of others?

1. Define what success is for you. What does it look like?
This is YOUR definition of success, not someone else’s. Not your parents or your partner’s, your friends or “society as a whole”. Just what does success look like for you, right NOW.

To me success is about living a happy, fulfilled and enjoyable life, full of people and experiences, laughter and fun. It’s about leading my life the way I want to, and positively impacting and helping others to do the same.

2. Keep your eyes open for people, who in your opinion, are leading successful lives. You will be amazed where you will find these people. For me, some of them are good friends, others are acquaintances I meet on my travels. Yet others are people I have never met, but I read their tweets, follow their blogs, find their articles in magazines or read their stories in books they have written.

If you have a clear definition of what success means to you, you’ll know when you find them. You’ll feel inspired by them and what they are doing. I have also found that the more you look for successful people the more likely you are to find them in your life (and they can turn up in the strangest places!)

3. Surround yourself with successful and inspiring people and feel their energy and inspiration. Once you have found them, then spend time with them. Engage. Listen. Learn.

Then ask yourself:
What is it that is inspiring about their story?
What can you learn from them?
How can you get more of what they have?

If you keep inspiring and successful people near you, you will find that they help you stay focused and move forward. But make  sure that you use that inspiration to move forward rather than to compare yourself to them. Comparisons will get you nowhere. They are going to be very different from you, but you will be able to use their inspiration to find your own unique way to find your success.

4. Try their ideas on for size.
After each inspiring interaction or story, I take time to reflect and think about what lesson I could take away. What idea really stands out for me? What is something inspirational about them that I could try and implement today? What thoughts or concepts speak to me? I then write these ideas down in a notebook, blog about them or journal about them. Then I regularly connect with these little quotes or sentences and allow that to continue to inspire me long after the interaction is over.

You can choose to take something from them and try it on for size. Start small and see what happens. Does the idea work for you? It won’t always, as not everything is transferable (remember we are all unique). If not, let it go and try on another idea. Keep taking and adding and changing ideas until you find things that help you be a success in your own way.

Try to add your own unique flavour to whatever idea you try. Perhaps they meditate every morning, but you love the idea of having a cup of tea walking around your garden first thing each day instead. Find it, and make it your own.

5. Share with others too. Become an inspiration yourself.
Share your ideas and success and learning with others. Through that sharing of ideas you are likely to find even more inspiration and likely even more success. Pass on your inspiration to others, and start a community of success around you.

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