24 Hours – How do you use them?

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All of us have the same number of hours in the day (24 at last count), yet the cry that is often heard is

“I don’t have enough time to…..”.

Do you know how you use your time?
Do you wish you used those hours differently?

I have been thinking lately about how I use my time and I realise that everything is about choice and what you choose to prioritise. One thing I have noticed about myself, is that if it really important to me, then I will make sure I make the time for it. So without even realising most of the time, I am prioritising my hours away.

The other thing I have come to realise is that minutes, and sometimes hours can slip past if you aren’t actually consciously thinking about what you are doing. You’ll start off with doing a bit of research, that then leads on to looking at something on a blog, which leads to another interesting article, then onto Twitter and then onto another interesting article….
Being conscious and aware of what you are doing, and how long you are spending doing it is a great way to ensure you use the hours how YOU want to, and to your greatest benefit.

One thing that has really helped me use my hours in the day much better is a question I ask myself each morning (and also have on my computer to remind me during the day):

What is the most important activity or job that I need to focus on today?

By focusing on this question, I consciously prioritise my time, and still get to do the things that make me laugh and enjoy life. I still have time for new experiences and catching up with friends, which are personally very important to me.

So take a look over the next few days at how you use your time.
Be conscious.
Set priorities.
And ensure to make the time for those things that make you happy and fulfilled.

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