Roles, responsibilities and expectations

These three little words are often at the heart of concern, issues, bad working relationships and unease within organisations.

It seems that any ambiguity can lead to stress and an underlying sense of unease. Having clear roles, responsibilities and expectations of you and your staff can lead to an easier and more pleasant working relationship.

People like to know and be clear about what is expected of them.

So in your business, are the roles of you and your employees clearly defined?
Are the expectations for each role and person explicitly outlined?
Does everyone know where they stand?
Do all staff know who is responsible for each key step of your business process?
Is there openness and honesty with clear communication?
Has success been defined for each individual and the business as a whole?

Clarity is vital for the happiness and survival of relationships and organisations.

The windows shouldn’t be smokey in the least. Not even a little bit misty!
Everyone should be able to see the same thing, and be clear about everything that is expected from them individually and collectively as a business unit.

Being clear and upfront will save you time in the long-run and will also make a better and happier working environment for you and all those who work for you.

So take the time today to re-look at all the roles within your organisation, and ensure that the responsibilities and expectations for each role is clearly defined.

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