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As I have mentioned previously, I am proud to be involved in the Fresh Poppies initiative that is aiming to share experience and knowledge with young girls and women on all aspects of business, careers and opportunities in a simple and engaging way. Our first webinar took place bright and early on Monday morning (we wonder if we were the first event to kick of Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK!) and we are now gearing up for a second one at 8pm GMT on Friday the 18th of November / 9am NZDT on Saturday the 19th of November. You still have time to register.

It was a great experience, and the three speakers took time after that first webinar to share our thoughts on how it went and to add a few tips and hints.

Here I share my views as to what young girls may look to do after finishing school:

Kat from Hair Organics talks about some of the challenges that women face in being entrepreneurs:

and Rachel from Genviva talks about some of the advantages of being a kiwi woman in business:

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