3 key steps to becoming an entrepreneur

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As part of the Fresh Poppies webinars during Global Entrepreneurship Week, I spoke about what, in my opinion, the three key things that will help someone become an entrepreneur are. I thought I would share them with you as well.

1. Know yourself

It is important to really know and understand yourself.
What are your values?
What are your strengths?
When are you the most happy? What are you doing in those moments?
What experience and knowledge do you bring with you that makes you unique?
What do you enjoy doing and what kind of work or experiences or  situations turn you off?

You can take time to sit and reflect on these questions yourself or you can ask people close to you to help you out as well. You might find someone else’s point of view on how they see you to be quite illuminating.

2. Have an idea and a vision

Your ideas and vision should link to your values and your passion.

Perhaps you have been in a situation where you think “I wish there was….” or “Why hasn’t someone thought of….” or “I know I could do a better job than…..”. When these situations occur take note, as when you think “someone should” then probably the best person to do it is you, as you see the need and you have a solution to whatever problem there is.

Market research is also vital for any business venture, as just because you think it is a great idea doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a market for it. You need to ensure that your product or service is what people want and need, and of course that it is worth marketing!

3. Have support

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, so having support is really important. You need people to turn to when you come across a blockage that you can’t see a way around. This person (or people) will help you see a way forward and perhaps even challenge your ideas and ways of doing things.  These people should complement your skills and strengths, so try to find people who have strengths in areas where you are weaker.

Having mentors or coaches or other people who have been through a similar situation can be incredibly helpful. Seek out people and ask for help as and when you need it.

With those three areas covered, you are well on your way to living your passion, fulfilling your dreams and making a living for yourself. You are indeed, an entrepreneur.

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