That’s a terrible idea!

As business owners we all face  problems that at the time seem to have no clear and easy solution. We think about the issue, perhaps feel ourselves go around in circles trying to find a solution and then still have to face the problem each day. Also, as many small business owners work by themselves there isn’t always the help, guidance and ideas from others to help you get to a clear outcome.

So here’s an idea to help you face your problems head on, and hopefully find a creative and practical solution.

Brainstorm the most terrible and stupid solutions to your problem

Sounds crazy right?
But often it is ourselves that gets in the way of finding the solution.
We think the same way, we stop ourselves mid-thought with “that’s a stupid idea” and we don’t allow our creative juices to really flow.

So, let your mind go wild.
Be as silly and stupid as you can.
Would you need to kill someone to make it happen? Kidnap them? Do something else illegal?

Get all the most terrible ideas out of the way. Keep writing for 5 minutes. Don’t judge your solutions. Don’t filter them before they get onto the paper. Just keep writing them down.

Then take a moment, and with a fresh set of eyes look at these terrible solutions. What ideas or solutions do they trigger? What useful or helpful solutions come to your brain after looking at them?  Keep your brain ticking and your pen writing for 5 minutes. Keep them coming. Any idea is worth writing down.

Now after 10 minutes you should have at least a page of ideas – some laughable, some downright ridiculous, others plain illegal. But also in there will be one or two real gems. You’ll recognise them straight away. A new and creative and practical solution to the problem you have been facing. Take those creative solutions and try them out.

If you allow yourself the time to be creative, and the openness to be silly then great things can flow from there.

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