What a waste

Do you have waste piling up in your business?

Hopefully you don’t have physical piles of rubbish everywhere, but I am guessing you do have ways of working or systems that mean that there is a lot of waste within your business.

They could be physical wastes such as emails and documents that are printed out but didn’t need to be, and are then thrown away. Or perhaps you ordered way too much product that will never be used by the customer.

Then of course there are the huge time wastes. Do you check and respond to emails every half an hour rather than blocking out a few times during the day to keep on top of correspondence? Perhaps the layout of your office means that you physically need to get up and down from your desk to retrieve information and documents, and time could be saved if these were all close to hand. There is even the time wasted looking for documents or contact details on your computer that you know you “filed somewhere”. A large number of people also waste time by re-working documents or reports that another member of their team has written, that they feel could be better “if only”.

Efficient systems and processes will help you reduce waste, meaning you will save time and allow your time to be better used on tasks that will bring benefit to your customer. Keep an eye out to see if there are ways you could reduce waste in your business.

If you would like someone to help you identify waste and look at ways to improve your business processes, then I would love to come and help. Please do get in contact.

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