Cafe Clarity

You think different thoughts in different places

Each Wednesday I head to a different cafe in London with my journal, coloured pens and the knowledge that creative thoughts will abound.  In each cafe you see different people, hear different sounds, smell different smells and through all of that your brain fires in a different way.

Cafe Clarity

It’s a time for me to spend with my thoughts, to help others get clarity on an issue, to dream and let my mind wander and to experience different spaces. Check here to see what fabulous cafes I will be heading to in the next few weeks.


  • Wanting clarity on a challenge that has been going around in your head for weeks?
  • Have you been reading my blogs but now want to meet me in the flesh?
  • Need a dose of Robyn realism?
  • Interested in being coached by me but want to meet me first?

Drop by for a conversation, catch up and a dose of clarity and inspiration.

Cafe Clarity2

Put away the technology, get out your coloured pens and paper, sit back with a cup of tea and piece of cake and get clear on whats important to you.  Come and find out the magic of Cafe Clarity.