Sometimes we just need a sounding board for our thoughts and the space and time to think through a challenge.

Clarity sessions are one-off sessions where you can work through an immediate challenge you are facing, get the support and witnessing of a key step you are about to take, or find a different perspective on an issue.

Clarity sessions will provide you with the space to:

  • Look at your challenge or issue from a fresh perspective
  • Find out why it is important to you
  • Look at the options available
  • Get clear on the next step you want to take

The standard clarity sessions are 90 minutes in length and take place via Skype. Then as you take action through the next 30 days you have unlimited email support from me. I’ll be there to talk you through any obstacles, provide resources and ideas to get you unstuck and be your cheerleader helping you make it happen. Within a month you’ll be clear, unstuck and we’ll be celebrating how far you’ve come.


Do you feel you want to go a bit deeper in your challenge? Get in contact to discuss more bespoke sessions which can take place in a setting of your choosing and up to half a day in length.


Clarity sessions are for:

  • Freelancers, solopreneurs or those who work in isolated positions in small organisations who are looking for a sounding board, fresh perspective and fresh thinking on a challenge they are tackling
  • Anyone who is about to embark on a new project or change in their life and wants to work through the current blockers
  • Clients who have received coaching from me before and want to work through a specific issue or get back on track with a super-charged one-off session
  • Those not sure about coaching but want to work through a small and specific challenge to test the coaching waters
  • Anyone who wants a super-charged, deep-dive, high-intensity chance to make a change in their life