Creating Communities

Remembering to Remember

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I am committing to the idea of making time for ceremony in 2021, as a way to connect to myself, to others and the natural world.

The Brave Cocoon

I started an accountability group at the beginning of the year that I called Cocoon. It has lived up to its name – a place to envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way.

The power of support

Four years ago I sent an email to four amazing women, inviting them to join me for a monthly inspiration group. Little did I know the life-changing magic that committing to meet once a month would bring.

A place to belong

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Jocks. Cheerleaders. Geeks. Thespians. Outsiders. Skaters. Hipsters. Emos. Every American high-school TV show and movie highlights the cliques that form in adolescence. The groups that… Read More »A place to belong


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I have been back in the UK just over a month and during that time I have soaked up the people. Although I loved that… Read More »Connection